Cancellation & Refund Policy

We have no Cancelation or Refund policy for subscription of less than three month or three month. If Subscription is more than three month read below:-

With respect to the subscription that you choose on to avail our services, we request you read the policy, conditions and process carefully, as they provide necessary information and guidelines about your rights and obligations as our subscriber.

We make every effort to provide you such advisory service which meet your expectations. However, if due to any reason or unavoidable circumstances, you wish to cancel your subscription and claim a refund, we shall cancel your subscription and process your refund within seven working days of receiving your request within the 05 days of the subscription activation date. The amount refundable to you after deduct three month charge and the mode of refund is as under:-

Terms of Cancellation and Refund:

A claim for cancellation can be made at any time within the 05 days of the subscription activation date. The cancellation request shall be processed only if the email requesting for such cancellation is received from the email address registered in your account. The email should be sent to

For calculating the refund amount, the entire GST portion which is included in the subscription amount paid by you, shall first be deducted and the final refund amount will be calculated based on net of GST and will be proportionate to your remain subscription period. Here is the detailed sample calculation for your understanding:

To illustrate, If the subscription amount paid by the subscriber is Rs. 10,000/- for one half yearly and the subscriber requests for a refund on 5th day from the activation of the service, the refund will be determined as under:

Gross Subscription Amount = Rs. 10,000/-

GST on the same (18% rate at the time of subscription) = Rs. 1525/- i.e. (10,000 * 18/118)

Net Subscription Amount (net of GST) = Rs. 8,475/-

Total Subscription Period = 180 days

Unexpired Subscription Period = 180 – 90 = 90 days

[Refund = (Net Subscription Amount * Unexpired Subscription Period /Total Subscription Period)]

The refund will be processed and credited through the same payment method from which the subscription amount was received. If the subscription was received directly by Cheque/bank transfer, the refund would be given to the same bank account.

If your refund is not received within 07 working days of the cancellation request being placed, please contact us at for further assistance.

By making a payment for subscription on, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the aforementioned 05 days refund policy. No cancellation and refund will be issued to any subscriber if they have availed the services for more than 05 days.

Every client’s financial wellbeing is equally important to us; ultimately, the growth of your wealth is directly related to the performance of our recommendations.

We’re so confident that our proven research will help you create to build a good equity portfolio. Not to worry. You may subscribe the services with confidence. Review it for 05 days. If you are not delighted, upon request you will receive a prompt and courteous refund or credit after deduct three month charge.

We always look forward to serving you and assure you the best of our services. Happy Trading!

For this reason, we strongly recommend that before payment, our visitors:

  • Read all information about our products, services and support given to our clients.
  • Evaluate the quality of our services by taking our paid trial.
  • Read all About Us and our technical Team.
  • Read the Help and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sections.
  • Read our Terms of Use.
  • Read our Privacy Policy.

Read our Privacy Policy. Do not allow children or other unauthorized family members or friends to access your credit cards or your account at the payment site to ensure that no one pays for a Membership without your permission.

By making a payment for Membership to our site, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the above Refund and Cancellation Policy.