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Profit plus financial - Investment Adviser is a leading financial services provider with presence in Indian markets. With its full fledged research operations, Profit plus financial - Investment Adviser has proven itself as organization that produces and delivers high accuracy tips and recommendations for- Equities, Derivatives and Commodity market.

Profit plus financial provides all traders and investors needs, We offer advisory services in all segment in the markets.

  • " We believe in Profit, Accuracy, Transparency & Clients Satisfaction."
  • " We try to help all Investor & Traders to achieve their Goals."
  • "PROFIT PLUS INDIAN RESEARCH is a one stop source for Equity & Commodity market tips."
  • "The investment causes growth. But it is also true that growth causes investment."
  • "Our ultimate aim is to play major contributing role in the welfare & prosperity of our customers."

Market reports

Market reports are daily & weekly of all our technical and fundamental research given in each segment.

Track Our Record

Track sheets are daily records of all our technical calls given in each segment by our research

Our Strategy

Stock trading strategies vary from investor to investor . strategy help to decide what stock would be best and when.

Avinash Tukreja

Master of technical analysis is what i can call the research team of profit plus financial.Apart from accuracy, the timing of their calls is just right for an intraday trader for easy entry and exit with a strict stoploss,I covered all my loss. very very thanks to profit plus financial team".


Excellent follow-up of every calls recommonded by profit plus.These people are giving complete information on each and every calls. By this things a normal investor can earn good profit from profit plus financial".


Thanks for giving such fantabulous commodity tips in mcx segment and hope you will give such good tips in cash also. Along with commodity, Thank you profit plus research team.

Please do not trade on those tips which are not provided through SMS or messenger. We don’t Provide Profit/Loss sharing services, Demat services or guaranteed services. For any support call on +91-97559-98913. Investment in Stock / Commodity market is subject to market risk. We suggest you to Evaluate your own Credit risk before Option any of our services.

Profit Plus Financial Services has received numerous complaints from our clients regarding suspicious messages. The SMS looks similar in style & name of Profit Plus Financial Services. They are sending trading recommendations following our pattern.

We advise all the Traders & Investors not to trade on such SMS & Immediately reach us at services@profitplusfinancial.com or +91 9826278097

Please note that Profit plus financial services only provides Investment Advisory services in Stocks/Commodity. Also, the payment amount that you are paying / paid in the company is solely the service fees payment for our company services for market related recommendations & tips only and it is strictly not for any investment.

Investment in stock or commodity market is subject to market risk. We are Not Offering any Demat Services.

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